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Nestling in Skåne in southern Sweden, Yangtorp is a spectacular Retreat, Meetingplace and Centre of Learning for all those interested in achieving a new vibrant life, full of energy, health and inner calm.

Yangtorp is a haven designed for philosophy, meditation, recreation, treatments and education and focuses on the ancient disciplines of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Take care of your self, enjoy time in a quite place with beutiful surroundings and wonderful nature.

Knowledge of Chinese medicine characterizes all the treatments in Chinese Healthcenter.

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Latest news...

You can now book treatments

Yangtorp is opening March 2015

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Yangtorp Retreats, with opening offers;

Booking offer 1995skr 

5-7 Juni

3-5 Juli

31 Juli-2 Augusti (Fullmoon retreat)

4-6 September

2-4 Oktober

30 November-1 December      



Lives changed

Elisabeth Bergquist photo

Elisabeth Bergquist,
purchasing manager:
"Embracing my breath,
my trust in his hands."

"I have been tormented by pain for a large part of my life: Already in my twenties, I got back problems, and eventually pain in my hips, hands and feet..."

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